Aluma Glow


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8oz. Aluma Glow – $20.95

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32oz. Aluma Glow – $69.95

Aluma Glow offers long-term protection for metals against oxidation and pitting of anodized aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, and painted metals. 

Easy to apply, wipe on, let dry approximately 5 minutes. Self leveling.  Will not crack, chip, peel, or yellow.  Protects against UV Rays, salt air, salt water, and corrosion.


Clean surface with a degreaser or solvent (Poli Ox is recommended) to remove all wax, oil, grease, and polish.  Rinse with water and let surface dry.


Wipe thin coats of Aluma Glow on with a clean, white, lint-free cloth (do not use a colored cloth.). No buffing is required. Aluma Glow dries to the touch in 5-10 minutes. Two coats recommended.

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